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Anthony P. Capretta

Medina County Auditor

    Anthony Capretta was selected by the voters of Medina County to serve as Auditor. Public service to the community is not new to Anthony. He served on Brunswick City Counsel for 17 years representing ward 4. As councilman representing ward 4, he was an active problem solver for his constituents. While taking a holistic approach to serving all of Brunswick in his various rolls. He chaired both the Building Code and Service and Technology committees during his tenure. He also lent his expertise to the Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, and Finance Committee as a standing member.

    Anthony’s career has uniquely qualified him to represent Medina County as Auditor. He has over 30 years’ experience serving the public having experience in Law Enforcement, Judicial and Administrative functions of government. Anthony graduated with an associates degree in Law Enforcement and went on to Case Western Reserve University Gund School of Law -Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. He became a police officer for 7 years. Anthony used his training becoming a bailiff serving both Common Pleas and Juvenile courts as a bailiff. He later turned his career in a new direction serving the Auditor. Anthony’s dedication to public service and being a good steward was recognized and put to good use. During his tenure with the Auditor’s office Anthony thrived in several roles Appraisal, Community Outreach and Weights and Measures. Auditor Capretta trained his whole life to fulfill the role of Auditor for Medina County. His plans are to utilize technology and innovative processes to make the office more effective and efficient in its operation better serving Medina County.

    When describing Anthony work alone does not define him, he is a family man. He and his wife Diane have called Brunswick home for a number of years. When not actively participating in family events or being involved with their local parish, Diane and Anthony enjoy events at their local Eagle and Elks Lodges and are advocates and supporters of animal rescue. Diane and Anthony involve themselves in several Philanthropic activities and numerous local activities to round out their life.

    Anthony has always prided himself on his open-door policy, so if you have a question, concern or just want to reach out him please do so at auditorcapretta@medinaco.org or 330.764.8051 .

Anthony Capretta, Medina County Auditor


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